A Voice In The Night

1st Samuel Chapter 3 records a remarkable case of faith in a child, Samuel.  Samuel was a child that came as a blessing to years of prayer by his mother Hannah. After she bore him, she devoted Samuel to the service of the Lord and gave him to a man named Eli.  The Bible records, that from the earliest age, Samuel “ministered unto the LORD.” What is most interesting about this is that Samuel was acting in faithful service even though the LORD had not revealed Himself to him or that he would be a prophet (1st Samuel 3:7).

SamuelOne night, Eli and Samuel had gone to bed. Eli was going blind and could not help himself in the darkness of the night, so Samuel slept close by. Samuel heard a voice calling his name. He responds that he is there and ready to help. And, supposing it was Eli who called him, went to Eli and asked him what he needed. Eli said that he did not call him and just go back to bed. This happened three times, and Eli finally realizes that the LORD is calling Samuel in the darkness. He teaches him what to say and sends him back to bed.

The final time, the LORD calls Samuel’s name and the young boy faithfully answers, “Speak; for thy servant heareth.”  Surprisingly, the first thing Samuel learns from God is really bad news for Eli and all his family. The next morning, Samuel is fearful to tell Eli the prophecy he received. But when told to, Samuel faithfully repeats what God had shown him in the night.

The next verse records the honor that this young boy received by acting in faith:

And Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him, and did let none of his words fall to the ground. –  1st Samuel 3:19

Faithful, young Samuel wanted to help Eli but the LORD helped him him in a mighty way!


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