Mischievous Faith

DENNIS-THE-MENACE-1There are many faithful events in the life of Samson that we can recall, but my favorite is the account of him doing something that a mischievous boy would do, but on a much larger and faith-filled scale.

The Philistines were always a problem for the Israelites. During the time Samson was a judge in Israel, the Philistines were especially powerful and cruel. Samson saw their actions as offensive toward God and His chosen people. Therefore, he caught 300 foxes and tied their tails together two by two with a torch in between. Then, he let 150 pairs of burning foxes loose in the nearly ready to harvest fields of the enemy! Can you imagine the epic-sized Mr. Wilson reaction to this huge Dennis the Menace stunt!

Samson’s fellow Israelites saw what he had done and they were faithlessly scared to death of what the Philistines would do in retaliation.  They bound him up with two new ropes and delivered him to their fuming enemy. But the Lord honored the faith of Samson in his fiery attack. God strengthened Samson and he broke the ropes as if they weren’t even there.  Then, Samson took the jawbone of a donkey and killed 1,000 skilled warriors of the Philistines!

We have seen on several occasions that the way the Lord does things is pretty unusual sometimes. But when we act in faith, God receives all the glory and sometimes, we get to see a pretty good show!


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