The Sword of the LORD, and of Gideon

When I blow with a trumpet, I and all that are with me, then blow ye the trumpets also on every side of all the camp, and say, The sword of the Lord, and of Gideon. – Judges 7:18

gideon-300Their enemy lay sprawled over the valley and hillsides like grasshoppers. They were a battle-hardened army so large that no man could number it. Gideon and his small band of only three hundred men set out in the middle of the night to face this huge army of the Midianites and the Amalekites. With their pitchers in their left hand and their trumpets in their right, this small but faithful band surrounded the enemy and waited for their signal.

The Angel of The Lord, most likely the pre-incarnate Christ, had come to Gideon only a few days before. The Angel had called him a mighty man of valor even before he ever picked up a weapon in battle. After seeing The Lord consume his offering in a dramatic way, Gideon destroys the altar to the false gods and seeks confirmation of The Lord’s blessing in prayer (with the help of some wool and dew). Gideon is strengthened but The Lord wants him to know that it is by God’s power that he will deliver Israel. Therefore, he reduces his army to just a few, just 300.

And now, he and his three hundred stand ready. Gideon gives the signal, the pitchers are broken, and the lights shine all around the camp. The men blow their trumpets and shout. In confusion and fear, the enemies of Israel slaughter one another by the sword! It was just like the dream Gideon had overheard. A cake of barley (something that seems insignificant) had rolled into the camp and killed them all.

We are called upon by God to fight spiritual wickedness in our lives every day. God called Gideon a mighty man of valor and then blessed him with courage and a great victory. As we fight our battles let us look at the names The Lord has called us; mine elect, king, priest, son, friend, heir of God, joint-heir with Christ, more than conqueror, just to name a few.


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